TxDonor is focused on center and regional level exchanges

Here are the key steps to get you up and running on TxDonor.

Setup the TxD Scoring Algorithm

TxDonor has an objective and configurable scoring algorithm. The team decides which parameters to include and how each parameter is scored. TxDonor reports show you not only the recipients original donor scores, but also potential donor who optimizes the paired-exchange. This provides the opportunity to identify better matches. Even if the recipient has a compatible donor, they may benefit from participating in an exchange.


Your data comes in a variety of different formats

We build TxDonor to handle a variety of different files and data formats. We partner with labratory and hospital IT staff to develop the right solution based on center-level policies. We can install TxDonor on premise or we can host in on our HIPAA-Compliant servers.

We are optimized for 2 and 3 way exchanges

We know the 50+ paired chains make national news. But the reality is there is a tremendous opportunity to find center level matches within your donor population. That incompatible donor may be the link to a 3-way paired exchange for that highly sensitized patient. Let TxDonor sift through all the data and show you all possible combinations.


TxDonor includes features to expand your donor pool

TxDonor gives administators the ability to share deidentified patient and donor data to additional hospitals and centers. This requires both facilities to be on the TxDonor platform. You can share center-level or single patient-level data - it is your decision.