A Center-focused application
for paired-kidney exchanges

Match within your own donor population with an objective and configurable matching and scoring algorithm.

Need an easy way to uncover paired-exchange opportunities in your own patient and donor population?

TxDonor solves many of your current challenges.

Do you find yourself trapped behinds mounts of paper-based reports and records?

Trying to match donors and patients is a challenging process. It requires constant review and dedicated staff focused on uncovering hidden matches and relationships. TxDonor reads your lab data and is constantly looking for paired-exchanges based on your data and scoring methods.


Are existing exchange programs overly complex and provide limited insight into the components of their matching algorithms?

You have complete control over the matching components with TxDonor as well as the scoring weights given to each matching criteria. Our patented TxD Scoring Algorithm is designed for flexibility given the diverse and evolving research on matching criteria. You can even save multiple Scoring Algorithms to see the impact of various inclusion and exclusion criteria and weights.


TxDonor provide a powerful, yet flexible scoring algorithm to help you uncover potential matches in your recipient and donor populations.

Most of all, TxDonor is simple to use. Try it for free.


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